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Streamline Your Program with RQ Awards

Experience the power of streamlined processes. RQ Awards Management System minimizes manual work, automates tasks, and maximizes your impact. Spend less time on administration and more on making a difference.


Why Choose RQ Platform?

We’re committed to providing a comprehensive solution and our platform is designed to empower administrators and assist participants, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable experience from start to finish. 

  • Unlimited applications, administrators, and reviewers

  • Advanced workflows and customizations

  • Expertise to help make your program a success

  • Web service API integration and single sign-on

  • Unlimited support and training

  • Fully Branded with Custom Domain

  • RQ SmartTracker™ (Follow-up Tracking)

See Why RQ Awards Management System is Perfect for Your Program

Our Innovative solution is designed with built-in features you've been looking for

  • Consistent Branding

    With RQ Awards, your system home page will be custom-branded to match your organization's brand identity. Your custom information is displayed to help nominators be successful.

  • Multi-Category awards Program

    RQ awards is ideal for running multi-category awards. You can ask specific questions and assign reviewers to specific categories

  • Nomination Flexibility

    Nominators can save their form as work-in-progress. Automated custom emails can be sent to draft nominators to remind them of upcoming deadlines to submit their nominations. 

  • Reliable Nominations

    RQ Awards helps reduce administrative burdens, by helping you manage your entire award lifecycle from submission of nomination forms to evaluating them all in a single location.

  • Easy Multi-Phase Review Process

    An easy-to-use platform, helping administrators in assigning and tracking reviewer progress and communicating across multiple review phases. 

  • Efficient Reporting and Analytics

    RQ Awards makes it easy to generate comprehensive reports and analytics to monitor your awards program through our exceptional customizable dashboard. 

Starting at $100/Month, Billed annually

Boost Registrations for Your Annual Meeting and Conference

We specialize in helping organizations like yours achieve unprecedented success with their annual meetings and conferences. Our focus is on driving engagement, boosting registrations, and ensuring your events are a resounding success.

See what people are saying

RQ Awards is the #1 choice of universities, associations, non-profits, school boards and for profits
to manage their award programs

I like this product we can easily brand and is consistent with our look and feel. It is user-friendly for both us and the applicants


Marta, Founder and President, Non-Profit
RQ was consistently the most organized and professional awards management software. It is built for our specific needs


Paul, Program Director, Higher Education
Our experience with RQ's team has been exceptional. The team is not only professional and timely but also very supportive


Jennifer, Administrator, Public School District

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Managing an award program involves a lot of effort. With our 15+ years of experience, we're here to streamline the entire process for your applicants, nominators, reviewers, and administrators. Let's schedule a brief 15-minute call to dive deeper into how we can make your next program cycle effortlessly smooth. 

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